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Rafarma’s Agri-Tech Keeping Cannabis Production “High”

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTC: RAFA) is continuing to actively promote its hemp oil products in the European market. Despite the adverse weather conditions in the 2019 growing season, the quality of the company's harvested crop remained high—due to Rafarma’s practice of using only high-quality organic fertilizers and avoiding mineral fertilizers or pesticides. In particular, the use of Agropharm, a water-based extract of bio humus, allows growth production in conditions approximating black humus in virgin land.

Next year Rafarma plans to both significantly expand its line of products containing hemp oil, as well as increase cultivated areas for growing bio products using newly obtained growing licenses. New products are due to come out in 2020 designed for both human and animal use.

Additionally, in an effort to increase environmentally friendly production, Rafarma is ramping up efforts to grow cannabis in vertical type greenhouses using aeroponic technologies and employing bio organic growth stimulants.

These aeroponic technologies will first be deployed in Slovenia and Thailand, where Rafarma is constructing these vertical greenhouses. Greenhouse hemp production will become an alternative to existing open-air hemp fields currently being cultivated.

SOURCE: Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


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