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Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment: The Promise of Yttrium-90 Microspheres in Radioembolization Therapy

Today, medical microspheres are a rapidly growing part of the pharmaceutical healthcare market, which is extremely promising and attracts many patients and doctors around the world due to the spread of cancer, in particular inoperable liver cancer.

Microspheres based on the radionuclide yttrium-90, which are represented by Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, are needed for the radioembolization procedure, which prevents inoperable cancer.

The company presents to your attention this method of treating cancer, in particular liver cancer. The treatment method is based on radioembolization of the branches of the hepatic artery. The size of the microspheres prevents their passage from the arterial bed through the tumor vessels into the venous bed. The microspheres remain fixed within the tumor vasculature and provide irradiation to the surrounding tumor tissue. The radionuclide yttrium-90 is a β-emitter, and when a tumor is embolized, a pronounced cytostatic effect is manifested with minimal damage to surrounding tissues outside the tumor.

The method is one of the effective additions to systemic chemotherapy in the treatment of tumors and large liver metastases and is the only one for patients for whom chemotherapy is contraindicated.

Microsources (microspheres) of radioactive radiation based on the radionuclide yttrium-90 are microparticles of biologically inert glass with an average diameter of about 30 microns. The is slightly larger than a human red blood cell which is the main formed element of blood. The spheres are made using special plasma treatment of the prepared material. Atoms of the radioactive isotope yttrium-90 are included in the internal structure of microparticles. An existing analogue on the market is TheraSphere® glass microspheres from Nordion Inc, which are widely used in Europe, America and Australia. The product is a medical device.

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals already has all the approvals to sell and practice treatment with yttrium-90 microsources around the world. The company's immediate goal is to register the product in Turkey, China and East Asian countries.

Indications for use of this treatment method: inoperable liver cancer; unresectable liver metastases from tumors of other locations.

Contraindications for use: impossibility of catheterization of the hepatic artery; severe liver and respiratory failure; hepatopulmonary and hepatogastric shunts.

Efficiency of use: the median survival of patients with the combined use of microspheres with yttrium and chemotherapy increased from 13 to 27 months compared with the use of chemotherapy alone; 89% of patients have a positive response to treatment; in 27% there is a decrease in tumor size.

The operating principle of microspheres with yttrium-90 is as follows: embolization (blockage) of tumor vessels; selective accumulation in the tumor and its destruction by targeted irradiation; microspheres with yttrium-90 are administered intra-arterially and intra-organically through a special catheter, which ensures the destruction of the maximum number of tumor foci, so it is advisable to use them for the treatment of metastases; it is possible to expand the scope of application to other localizations of malignant neoplasms.

Advantages of the cancer treatment method: minimally invasive installation process; minimal damage to healthy tissue; damage to all foci and metastases of the tumor at once; the ability to deliver almost any dose of radiation to the tumor.

This information does not constitute a basis for any actions on the part of investors.

Products are subject to careful and systematic quality control.

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Rafarma Pharmaceuticals is positioned as a major driver of the modern healthcare industry. It provides nuclear, technological and pharmaceutical solutions for hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide. We put all the effort in the fields we know best: nuclear medicine, novel pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cancer treatment technologies. Our products are trusted by medical professionals and institutions across the globe. With a diversified product portfolio and a wide array of R&D projects, Rafarma Pharmaceuticals is committed to spreading its work and its core values. 


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