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Health Services 

Intelligent automation is one of the key trends in the healthcare industry. Evidence-based medicine of the 20th century, in which the observations of the dynamics of the patient population and data from randomized clinical trials determine the treatment method, is gradually moving towards a more personalized treatment model.


In modern medicine, with the growth of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and the development of standardization and industrialization of treatment, at the same time, the decision of the doctor plays an increasingly important role. An analysis of prospects indicates an expansion of the scope of individualized AI algorithms for the personalized therapy and diagnosis selection for each patient. Personalized genetic analysis, transcriptome, metabolome and microbiome will all become an integral part of treatment in the coming years.


Technological progress will allow building a proactive healthcare model and applying predictive modelling. Innovative devices will analyze the information about the course of the disease or threats of the development of pathological conditions, and if the patient's condition worsens, the information will be urgently sent to a medical institution.


Automated systems such as "Smart Home" have become an everyday part of the lives of millions of people in a couple of years, so the introduction of these technologies in the healthcare sector is a promising and innovative solution. We see that the systems of the "Smart Hospital" concept allow integrating into institutions:

  • Medical information devices with application design functions

  • Automated accounting systems, including personalized

  • Electronic warehouses, pharmacies, laboratories, image storage

  • A system for monitoring the patients and staff moving, managing flows and forecasting

  • Self-learning decision support systems - analysis of "similar cases" and scenario modeling technologies

  • A system of the automated personnel development process


Rafarma Pharmaceuticals is leading projects to expand manufacturing capabilities and integrate high-tech devices into healthcare. The company regularly introduces new diagnostics, drug therapy, and ageing therapy approaches to the industry through artificial intelligence use. 

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