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Diversified pharmaceutical company

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The world is undergoing another full-scale industrial and cultural revolution right now, comparable in depth to the industrial revolution of the 19th century. As a result, stereotyped business practices have ceased to produce the expected result and has become unpromising due to the rapid market environment change.


Pharmaceutical industry leaders in recent decades have increased the effectiveness of some therapeutic approaches and multiplied their knowledge. However, as knowledge grows exponentially, so does awareness of the extent of our incompetence and the complexity of the biological control mechanisms we are trying to achieve. Medicine is a social product, and we see that, in parallel with the bio-sciences achievements, the mechanism of interaction between doctor - patient - manufacturer is transforming. The technological era prospects are such that soon the pharmacological business’ client in technologically developed countries will no longer be human, but digital avatar and algorithm. Therefore, the constant manufacturer adaptation to the growth of knowledge and the technological capabilities extension is the key to progress.


The COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed the digitalization of all industries, including the pharmaceutical sector. It demonstrated that the traditional health care organizing scheme is not effective enough and entail a great cost to society.


Rafarma Pharmaceuticals believes that only by being right on the frontier of scientific discovery and current change you can achieve significant business and scientific success. This conviction allows the company to keep up with the times and remain a prominent player in the pharmaceutical market. 

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