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Diversified pharmaceutical company

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Nuclear Medicine

Bebig LLC, which is in the integration stage into the Rafarma Pharmaceuticals group of companies, is a recognized leader in theranostics and nuclear medicine, which localized the first plant in Eastern Europe for the micro sources and radioisotopes production. The company implements unique projects in this area, regularly collaborating with research institutes worldwide.


One of the company's greatest achievements is the introduction in Eastern Europe treating method of various localizations neoplasms using low-dose rate (LDR) I-125 brachytherapy. The principle of the method is based on the delivery of radiation sources to the affected organ, where they remain for an indefinite period. By creating a focus of continuous tissue irradiation inside, brachytherapy leaves no chance for tumor cells, regardless of their biological characteristics. The peculiarity of the method lies in the delivery of the maximum dose of radiation directly to the affected organ. Thus, adjacent tissues are practically not exposed to irradiation, which is a solution to the paradigm of ideal irradiation in radiotherapy. Having equipped more than 70% of Russian oncology centers with high-tech equipment for brachytherapy, the company has contributed to the treatment of more than 300,000 patients in recent years.


Bebig is the first company in Eastern Europe and the third worldwide to introduce a method of treatment using microspheres with yttrium-90, which need injecting intra-arterially and ensures maximum damage to the tumor focus.


Application efficiency:

  • Mean patient survival with the combined use of yttrium microspheres and chemotherapy increased from 13 to 27 months compared with chemotherapy alone

  • 89% of patients have a positive response to treatment

  • 27% have a reduction in tumor size


Nanostructured microspheres based on alloys of silicon and phosphorus compounds are suitable for primary and metastatic unresectable liver cancer and pancreatic cancer treatment. Microspheres are not only an end product but also a platform for the many therapeutic drugs creation, that is why it has great prospects in nuclear medicine.


Advantages of using microspheres:

  • Minimally invasive insertion process

  • Minimal damage to healthy tissue

  • The defeat of all foci and metastases of the tumor at once

  • Ability to deliver virtually any dose of radiation to the tumor

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