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Rafarma Pharmaceuticals is committed to building a global R&D and manufacturing network based on the principles of digitalization, Good Manufacturing Practice and Industry 4.0 concept advanced technologies.


The activities of the Rafarma Pharmaceuticals group of companies cover:

  • Development of presence in the markets of the product offer of our products

  • Licensing and obtaining licenses for the use of patents and know-how

  • Implementation of promising scientific developments

  • Expansion of the range of services and products provided

  • Promotion of products and services to local markets


  • Expansion and development of the company's production base, construction of new factories and reconstruction of old ones to Industry 4.0 standards, creation of new production facilities and research laboratories.

  • Development and market launch of new innovative medical products and devices, new R&D projects

  • Market launch of new generics for everyday healthcare needs and radiopharmaceuticals for nuclear medicine

  • Development of new sales concepts for our services and products

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Work Experience


2003 - 2007




The company's most historic asset is the Slavich group, which was established in 1930 as the first commercial film factory in Eastern Europe. Some of the iconic works of Soviet cinema were filmed there - Alexander Nevsky by Eisenstein and Chapaev by Vasiliev brothers. Due to the deteriorating economic situation and the destruction of the market system in 2003, the company faced debts of $50 million.

Slavich was bought out by the current controlling shareholders of Rafarma Pharmaceuticals and subjected to a total reengineering. By 2007, the new owners could bring Slavich to profit and successfully pay off all accumulated debts.

Along with the projects management in the polymer chemistry and packaging field, the company created a department of biotechnological developments. It developed a technology for growing new organs - smooth muscle sphincters in a living human body - got a patent, and performed 40 operations. Also, in 2012, the company launched the Biopremis Dublin project to develop cancer treatments using symbiotic human flora.

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals took on a project to develop activities in the drug market in Spain, and Bebig launched the first plant in Eastern Europe for the micro sources of iodine-125 production under the Eckert & Ziegler license, a leading German manufacturer of medical devices and equipment for brachytherapy.

At the end of 2020, Bebig owned 98% of its target market in Eastern Europe, with $16 million in revenue and $4 million in profit. Slavich has consolidated with Rafarma Pharmaceuticals. The Biotechnology R&D department continues to pursue several biotechnology research programs successfully.

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals regularly cooperates with leading research institutes and pharmaceutical companies around the world. Among the largest partners of Rafarma Pharmaceuticals:


  • Eckert & Ziegler Group (Germany) - is one of the world's largest providers of isotope technology for medical, scientific and industrial use.



  • China Isotope & Radiation Corporation (China) - Beijing pharmaceutical company specializing in the nuclear products research, manufacture and distribution.



  • Institute of Isotopes Co. Ltd. (Hungary) - is a leading player in radioisotope research, development and production.



  • China Traditional Medicine Institute (China) - is one of the world’s foremost natural medical universities. 



  • The Institute for Nuclear Research (INR) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia) - is a leading center for fundamental research in elementary particle physics and the atomic nucleus fields.



  • Tashkent Pharma Park (Uzbekistan) - innovative research and manufacturing pharmaceutical cluster.



  • Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry (Russia) - a leader in fundamental and innovation-oriented physical-chemical biology and biotechnology research.


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group of companies

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Rafarma Pharmaceuticals' subsidiaries are a unique platform for vertically integrated growth in new markets. Companies are developing new cancer therapies, vaccines, antibiotics and advanced pharmaceutical products.


In the Rafarma Pharmaceuticals group of companies project portfolio:

  • Radiopharmaceuticals for cancer treatment

  • Technologies for the therapeutic use of exosomes

  • Drugs for the treatment of diseases without effective therapeutic methods

  • Microspheres and preparations based on them

  • Smart packaging solutions for pharmaceutical products

  • Automated systems and production robotization for the healthcare sector

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