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Due to changes in international regulation, the Company was forced to radically reorganize its strategy and structure.

Consolidation with Russian assets has been postponed to a time when regulatory regulation and the international situation will allow us to carry out such an operation.

In connection with this decision, Russian assets were excluded from the combined statements in order not to mislead investors and to audit the company's reporting. Please note that while maintaining Russian assets, an audit is currently impossible. The combined reporting includes, in addition to Rafarma, the following organizations that are in the process of joining Rafarma:

1. Limited Liability Partnership "MEDLINE PHARMACEUTICS" (Kazakhstan);

2. Noya Therapeutics Limited (Hong Kong);

3. Noya Therapeutics Ltd (Israel).

The company's focus has shifted to the aggressive development, production and organization of supplies of medical equipment, primarily for nuclear medicine. This is done by Noya Therapeutics Limited (Hong Kong). Over the past few years, this company has also been implementing a project to develop and implement Smart packaging in the world for the transportation and delivery of medicines. Noya Therapeutics Limited (Hong Kong) was incorporated on 6 June 2022 as a private limited company listed in Hong Kong. This company also supplies its customers in different countries with medical equipment from such manufacturers as Chirana (Slovakia), Comen Medical Instruments Co. Ltd (China), Hebei Pukang Medical Instruments Co. Ltd. (China), and Atmos MedizinTechnik (Germany).

Limited Liability Partnership "MEDLINE PHARMACEUTICS" (Kazakhstan) has been carrying out wholesale sales of medicines and medical products since 2008 and is the official distributor on the Kazakhstan market of such manufacturers as Philips, Olympus, Hitachi, Cobams, and Ekom. MEDLINE PHARMACEUTICS LLP ranks 53rd in the list of dynamically developing enterprises according to the Register of Leading Suppliers of Goods and Services of Kazakhstan in 2023.

Noya Therapeutics Ltd (Israel) was incorporated as a private limited liability company, whose shares are registered in Israel under registration number 516743473. We currently focus the main investments in Noya Therapeutics Ltd (Israel) in the development of radiopharmaceuticals, reselling to the company our existing technology projects and innovations. Our goal is to concentrate all innovative developments in the field of drugs and isotopes in this company.


Raivo Unt,

CEO Rafarma Pharmaceuticals

RAFA Rafarma Pharmaceutical

ISIN (CUSIP) Number 75062C100

ID 012-000631222

203 South Main Street, Suite 3000

Sheridan, Wyoming, 82801, USA

+1 (307) 429-2029

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals is positioned as a major driver of the modern healthcare industry. It provides nuclear, technological and pharmaceutical solutions for hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide. We put all the effort in the fields we know best: nuclear medicine, novel pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cancer treatment technologies. Our products are trusted by medical professionals and institutions across the globe. With a diversified product portfolio and a wide array of R&D projects, Rafarma Pharmaceuticals is committed to spreading its work and its core values.


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