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Rafarma Announces Acquisition of Aeroponic Technology Expecting to Quadruple Production

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals (OTC: RAFA), a Wyoming Corporation, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a technology acquisition agreement with Dr. Yury Martirosian of Russian Academy of Scientists. Under the agreement, Rafarma is acquiring the technology and existing Eastern European patents in exchange for common stock. Rafarma plans to file International patents on the technology received in the nearest future. Rafarma plans to start implementing the acquired technology in full production scale at the beginning of 2020 in Slovenia. Dr, Martirosian will begin to consult Rafarma immediately on installation of additional equipment necessary and application of production protocols.

Yury Martirosian, PhD. Head of the Department of Aeroponic Plant Growing Technologies of Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology of Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Biochemical Physics and Plant Metabolism Engineering at the N.M. Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences. Author of 56 scientific publications on the physiology and biochemistry of plants. Since 1988 Dr. Martirosian has been the leader of the group of scientists that has developed a substrate-free hydroponic technology for producing biologically clean virus-free higher quality crop plants including Cannabis. The technology has no competitive prototypes around the world. Since 2000 Dr. Martirosian has been concentrating on perfecting the technologies for growing potatoes and Cannabis crops under phytotron conditions. Dr. Martirosian is the author of 5 patents dealing with the unique applications of this technology. Dr. Martirosian’s proprietary technology and equipment developed by his group of scientists have been tested in 39 regions around the world. His main research interests now still concentrate on development of energy-efficient phytotron Cannabis cultivation protocols, using LED light sources and plant metabolism management.

Rafarma has tested Dr. Martirosian’s technology is Slovenia and Croatia. Using the technology has proven to increase the yield of oil in cannabis plant by 44%, and in the root of the plant by more than 70%. The quality of oil is far superior compared to the plants in the control fields. Also using the technology will allow Rafarma to collect up to four crops per year as opposed to one crop per year in regular fields -- with the expected result of multiplying revenue by a factor of four. The cost of production of final products will be decreased by 18% with the use of Dr. Martirosian’s technology. Rafarma expects to at least quadruple its revenues in 2020 through implementing these innovations and reducing costs. This is without taking into account any mergers or acquisitions that Rafarma believes are eminent by next year.

Some other advantages of the acquired aeroponic technology:

  • No harmful insect effects associated with soil;

  • Using Rafarma’s our proprietary nutrient solution, fertilizing agents and oxygen to the plant's root system happens automatically;

  • We no longer have to water the plant, because now it is irrigated automatically, whereas its roots are in the air;

  • Soil-free method allows Rafarma to grow Cannabis year-round;

  • Crop quantity of aeroponic plants is much higher than of their counterparts grown by other means;

  • Superior biologic cleanliness and purity when compared to less-advanced growing methods.

“Currently, more than half of all drugs, nutraceuticals and cosmetics that are manufactured around the world contain substances of plant origin, most of which are secondary metabolites. The biomass of higher plants grown under controlled conditions of an aeroponic industrial phytotron is a high-quality renewable raw material for obtaining targeted biologically active substances of plant origin. Aeroponic plant cultivation technology provides free access to the root system of plants. That is exactly where target substances usually accumulate. Our technology demonstrates perfectly how the targeted substances of Cannabis Sativa L. are synthesized and accumulated in the roots. Aeroponic cultivation for medical purposes is the future of economically viable industry of Cannabis cultivation and processing. Based on our developed specifics of growing plants under aeroponic phytotrons, the creation of such high-tech biotechnology was possible, due to our fundamental study of the mechanisms for regulating and managing secondary metabolism of Cannabis Sativa L. plants. In particular, the management of the spectrum of lamps, the regulation of mineral nutrition and microclimate allows us to increase the number of target plant metabolites. This technology is revolutionary and cost effective for growing Cannabis Sativa L. for medical purposes”, Dr. Martirosian says.

Rafarma CEO Srečo Bojt makes the following comments about the recent acquisition: “This is what makes us different from other companies in the industry. We see clearly that the future is in producing cannabis for medical purposes and leisure (where legal). We see that the demand for these products is going to explode in the next few years. More and more countries around the world make Cannabis legal. This is why we do everything possible to be one of the first to introduce the avant-garde technologies that will allow us to become world leaders in the quality and quantity of the products produced. At the same time, we are in active search for possible acquisition targets that will allow us to increase production and open doors to new markets where people are just beginning to become acquainted with the benefits that products like ours can bring to them. We are already in negotiations with several companies around Europe that we consider suitable for acquisition or merger with Rafarma in the near future”.

SOURCE: Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


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