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Rafarma Pharmaceuticals plans to build a production unit of pharmacopeial substances in Yeruham

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTC: RAFA) entered into negotiations with the Yeruham City Hall and the regulatory authorities of Israel to discuss the possibility of creating its industrial subsidiary in Israel to balance current market changes. As part of the development of scientific and industrial international activities, the planned site will aim at innovative sterile biological, immunological, and molecular-targeted drugs and radiopharmaceuticals development and commercialization.

Israel is a perspective place for achieving the global goal of Rafarma - to meet the world’s medical needs in cancer treatment. To this end, the company went to the office of the Yeruham Mayor, offering to build an advanced pharmaceutical production in the city.

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals is exploring the possibility of launching the following zones at the production site in the city of Yeruham:

- Frozen plasma and red cell mass processing and drug manufacturing facility

- Section with "hot chambers"

- Zone of purification and sterilization of pharmacopoeial substances

- Block of freeze dryers

- Installation for the preparation of distribution and storage of purified, as well as injectable sterile water

- Finished product packaging area

- Technical block - cold station, chillers, technical gas stations. Transformers and uninterruptible power supplies, automation

- Site for the synthesis of DNA and RNA preparations

- R&D laboratory

The final decision will be made after an in-depth study of the environment and coordination of the project with legal and scientific partners.

Flexible production will meet all industry 4.0 standards and the idea of ​​"service-oriented design", including self-diagnosis of the system, geopositioning, protection of system access, gathering information about the environment, notification of the presence of accidents within themselves and in the environment, and collection of information about the user. Not last in importance, the production site can effortlessly undergo significant upgrades depending on production tasks, drugs, and required technologies.

During the conversation, the parties also discussed the possibility of introducing technological innovations in pharmaceutical product packaging. Smart packaging will allow controlling data on physical quantities of temperature and pressure and spectroscopic data on the stored drug chemical using an autonomous white light source. In addition, it will have a WEB interface and iBeacon functionality.

According to the company, the first stage of production site construction could start in H1-2023.


Rafarma Pharmaceuticals is a diversified pharmaceutical company dedicated to the new treatments and solutions development for patients in various fields. Regularly cooperating with leading research institutes and pharmaceutical companies around the world, the business has earned a reputation as a reliable manufacturer and distributor. Rafarma Pharmaceuticals has more than 25 programs in molecular biology, nuclear medicine, immunology, sustainable packaging and many other fields at the moment.

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Source: Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


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