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Rafarma Pharmaceuticals appoints pharmaceutical industry leader Unt Raivo as new CEO

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTC: RAFA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Raivo Unt as company Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Unt has decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, most recently as the Chief Executive Officer for the PharmaEstica Manufacturing OÜ.

Mr. Unt's career in the pharmaceutical industry began in 1999 as Finance Director of JSC Tallinn Pharmaceutical Plant, where he managed the company's assets, financial resources and cash. After 7 years he became the Chairman of the Board of the company. He was engaged in the organization of work and effective interaction of all structural divisions of the company while maintaining the duties of the financial director.

A significant part of the career Mr. Unt's devoted to the JSC Kevelt. As Chairman of the Company Council and Chairman of the Board, he managed business's production, economic and financial and economic activities per current legislation. Also, Mr. Unt provided staffing according to the company's professional activities.

Mr. Unt participated in new pharmaceutical production sites of varying complexity construction and launch: Oriola Finland, Olainfarm (Latvia), Grindex (Latvia), TFT (Tallinn Pharmaceutical AS), Kevelt AS (Estonia), Interchemie Werken De Adelaar AS (Estonia), Probiomed (Mexico).

Remarkably, Mr. Unt has an outstanding education. He holds a Master of Science in Economics from Tallinn University of Technology, a leading educational institution in Estonia and an MBA from Mannheim Business School at the University of Mannheim, Germany.

The entire management team of Rafarma Pharmaceuticals is confident that Mr. Unt's pharmaceutical market experience, knowledge and reputation will help the company in its rapid development, achieving global business goals and improving financial performance.


Rafarma Pharmaceuticals is a diversified pharmaceutical company dedicated to the new treatments and solutions development for patients in various fields. Regularly cooperating with leading research institutes and pharmaceutical companies around the world, the business has earned a reputation as a reliable manufacturer and distributor. Rafarma Pharmaceuticals has more than 25 programs in molecular biology, nuclear medicine, immunology, sustainable packaging and many other fields at the moment.

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Source: Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


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